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OT 301: Old Testament Survey and Theology I

01 - Discovering the Old Testament
02 - Beginnings: God and God's Temple
03 - The Patriarchs: God's Covenant People
04 - God's Holy Nation
05 - Anticipating Canaan
06 - The Historical Books and OT Archaeology
07 - Possessing the Promise Land
08 - Time of Transition
09 - The Reign of David
10 - The Kingdom of Solomon
11 - The Northern Kingdom of Israel
12 - The Southern Kingdom of Judah
13 - Exile and Return

ST 201: Introduction to Bible Doctrine I

01 What is Theology and Why it Matters
02 What Can Be Known About God
03 God's Special Revelation in Scripture
04 The Bible as God's Word
05 Knowing God as Father
06 The Greatness of God the Father
07 The Goodness of God the Father
08 Knowing God: The Trinity
09 The Spirit of God
10 Good and Evil in the Spiritual Realm
11 God's Plan, Providence, and Prayer
12 Humanity Created in God's Image
13 The Corruption of God's World: Sin and Evil

BI 201: Introduction to Bible Interpretation

01 Bible Translations and Biblical Interpretation
02 Interpreting Sentences and Paragraphs
03 Interpreting Narrative Discourses
04 Two Horizons: From the Ancient World to Today
05 The Bible as Literature: Literary Context
06 Biblical Word Studies: Methods and Challenges
07 What is the Meaning of a Text
08 Interpreting the New Testament Letters
09 Interpreting New Testament History: Gospels and Acts
10 Interpreting Revelation
11 Interpreting the Old Testament Narrative
12 Interpreting the Old Testament Prophets
13 Interpreting Old Testament Wisdom Literature

CL 301: Biblical Spiritual Formation

01 Relational Spirituality
02 Paradigm Spirituality
03 Disciplined Spirituality
04 Exchanged Life Spirituality
05 Motivated Spirituality
06 Devotional Spirituality
07 Holistic Spirituality
08 Process Spirituality
09 Spirit-Filled Spirituality
10 Warfare Spirituality
11 Nurturing Spirituality
12 Corporate Spirituality
13 What Have We Learned?

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Academic Course of study

The course of study includes weekly classroom lectures and discussions and independent study. However, to make the lessons more accessible on a permanent basis, 30-minute video recorded lectures will also be produced. These would be available online.

Programs & Certificates

 Certificate in Biblical Studies
Certificate in Pastoral Leadership