Littleton Bible Institute

Littleton Bible Institute as a ministry of Littleton Bible Chapel

The Littleton Bible Institute is a ministry of Littleton Bible Chapel with a goal of growing believers in their Christian life and training them for ministry.
Littleton Bible Institute’s programs focus on comprehensive life and ministry development for each student.
Our program is designed to develop four areas:

Biblical Understanding

Ministry Skills

Character Development

Life in Community


Littleton Bible Institute’s mission is to offer comprehensive biblical training for those men and women who wish to pursue greater training in the Bible and theology and to train men who desire to serve in pastoral leadership. 

Studies for Certificates

The Institute offers two tracks of study for a certificate, and an opportunity for you to simply join and participate in classes of interest to you. 

biblical studies

To develop the biblical instruction and spiritual growth of adults. This two-year track will provide a well-rounded instruction on the Old and New Testaments, systematic and biblical theology, apologetics, and spiritual growth. It will also include classes for marriage and family, and other practical classes.

pastor leadership

The Pastor-Leadership track is designed to provide intensive training of men who desire to serve as pastors-elders and preachers consistent with the model of Littleton Bible Chapel and Biblical Eldership (www.biblicaleldership.com). This track will include a well-rounded emphasis in key areas:

Biblical Instruction
Spiritual Growth and Discipleship
Practical Training in Church Ministry

Littleton Bible Chapel has a church planting mission and is looking for those men who are interested in joining us on that mission.
Students coming as interns will experience the tight integration of the teaching and training at the Littleton Bible Institute as a ministry of local church.

class participant

Separate from the two tracks of training, individuals may simply join selected classes as a "class participant".

General information

Advantages of Littleton Bible Institute

Academic Quality

Littleton Bible Institute is committed to training and equipping leaders to proclaim Christ and His Word.